Pedestal Paver
Snow Melting Systems

Many homes and businesses are making good use of their roofs or exterior decks by utilizing a pedestal supported deck system. Winter weather makes these areas hazardous and causes severe drainage problems. Comfort Radiant now offers Heatizon’s patented solution that will prevent snow and ice from building and allows for complete access to drainage below, allowing year-round use. 

Designed for efficiency and longevity

This easy to install system of light weight aluminum trays with Heatizon’s Hott-Wire cables is installed directly below the pavers. It only adds .05″ of height, ensuring maximum heat transfer and a simple installation. The cables run back to our solid state, GFEP protected relay panel utilizing a temperature/moisture sensor for automatic activation.

Zero Maintenance


You can now reclaim outdoor spaces that would otherwise be covered in ice and snow with our Pedestal Paver Snow Melting System from Comfort Radiant. Our patented design runs automatically and keeps your paver area free from ice and snow from all winter long with no chemicals, labor, or maintenance.

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